Dental Implants Costs in Brisbane vs Sydney

Dental Implants Costs in Brisbane vs Sydney

Dental implants are life savers for those who have lost their teeth or may suffer from functional dental issues. A dental implant is a perfect option for permanent tooth replacement if your teeth are missing or damaged. Before getting a dental implant, one of the most common questions that most people ask is the cost of the dental implant. The prices typically range from place to place; for instance, a dental implant in Brisbane may differ from one in Sydney.

There are various types of dental implants, and their prices also range. For example, in Brisbane, the cost of an implant can range from $3000 to $6500; you can check this site for titanium dental implants in Brisbane, and it can also increase further to about $11500 per tooth if you have a low jawbone density issue and therefore have to receive bone grafting.

In Sydney, dental implant prices range from $3000 to $7000 for each implant. Several factors mainly influence this figure. For instance;

  • Dental implant procedure ranges from $5000 to about $5500
  • A more complex single dental implant ranges from $5500 to about $6500
  • Then the entire arch procedure for dental implant ranges from $20000 to about $30000

At first, dental implant prices may seem eye-watering. Still, this treatment ordinarily lasts longer than any other tooth-replacement option, making it the most reliable and cost-effective solution. You can find more info on Sydney providers and their costs here. Keep reading to understand the factors that impact the cost of a dental implant; below are just a few;

Implant Posts

The number of implants you want and the type of material you select impact the cost of your treatment. On average, a single dental implant costs between $500 and $2500 before being restored or surgically positioned. After the first implant post, patients usually receive additional implants at a reduced price and only when the implants are placed on the same day.

Preparatory Costs

Before implant placement, you may need initial treatments. Extraction will be an option if you have a decayed or damaged tooth. Additionally, some patients may experience diminished soft tissue and bone density following tooth loss, and they will need tissue grafts to prepare their smile for the placement of dental implant posts.

Sedation Dentistry Options 

During the dental implant placement or even the initial treatments such as tooth extraction or tissue grafting, one may need to receive dental sedation to help ensure comfort throughout the process. The type of sedation you may go for may add an extra cost to your overall treatment. You may use medical insurance to offset the price of some types of sedation.

Replacement Teeth

The number of teeth you are replacing also impacts the cost. Replacing a single tooth with a single dental crown costs less than restoring an entire row of teeth; on the positive side, dental insurance typically covers a percentage of the cost of tooth replacement prosthetics.


The cost of dental implants varies from place to place and is mainly determined by the above factors. It is, therefore, necessary to take adequate measures to ensure that you are fully prepared and aware of the costs. For more information, you can visit our website and learn more about dental implants.

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